If you’re over the menopause, you’ll be breathing a sigh of relief, but you may also be noticing new signs of aging. You may be taking steps to keep your hair and face looking young, and perhaps jogging or cycling to tone up your legs and waistline. But are you doing anything about your arms? These highly visible limbs can all too easily become flabby, weak and unsightly if not exercised. But if that’s happened to your arms, don’t worry – you’ll soon have them back in shape with these little tips.

Exercise your arms
When planning your exercise routine, be sure to factor in your arms. Some of the more popular activities, such as walking, running and cycling, do little for them, while swimming, bar-swinging, press-ups and weightlifting will all serve to keep them toned. In addition to planned exercise, make a habit of raising or flexing your arms in spare minutes throughout the day. Spin them around, forwards and backward or from side to side, then flap your elbows like wings or punch the air. Movements like these will stimulate blood flow to the arms, nourishing both muscle and skin – and your heart, too.

Keep your weight down
As you get older, the fat in your limbs tends to lose its elasticity and firmness and will sag below the bone instead. But the less fat you carry, the less you’ll have hanging down, so it pays to keep your weight down for that reason alone. Slim arms are also easier to swing and lift, enabling you to move with youthful ease and grace.

Keep to a rounded diet
A balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables will nourish the tissue and skin of your arms, helping to keep them smooth, blemish-free and young-looking. Wholesome meals will also provide the energy you need for exercising.

Avoid excess tanning
Arms tend to get exposed to sunlight more than most other parts of the body, causing the skin to go dry and yellowish as you get older. If you like keeping your arms exposed to the sun, moisturize the skin around the area at the end of the day to smooth and preserve it. If out in the sun for long periods or in hot weather, consider covering your arms to preserve their delicate skin.

Tone Up Unsightly Areas
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How does Emtone work?

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Take care of your arms, and they’ll take care of your youthful looks and spirit. Let their shape, swing and freshness lead the way in keeping you young and pretty.

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