Facial Filler aka Dermal Filler

A facial filler, also called a dermal filler, is an anti-aging procedure that involves injecting certain substances under the skin to reduce wrinkles, improve the appearance of sagging skin or to enhance lips.  While you might feel squeamish at the idea of getting injections in your face, the treatments have long-lasting positive effects and relatively minimal discomfort.

It’s certainly no secret that skin tends to wrinkle and sag as people age.  Part of it’s just a natural process, reflecting all the facial movements you do in a lifetime — such as squinting, chewing and laughing.  Sun exposure also causes and worsens wrinkles and skin tissue breakdown.  Your skin naturally contains collagen and hyaluronic acid that provide a support system, but these substances begin to diminish as you get older.  Dermal fillers can temporarily rejuvenate your face.

 Hyaluronic acid occurs between skin cells, where it holds in moisture, while collagen gives skin strength and structure.   When we inject these substances just below the surface of your skin, they fill in lines and wrinkles and provide a youthful fullness to your skin.  Collagen injection effects may last up to four months and hyaluronic acid for up to nine months.

Longer-lasting facial fillers also are available to minimize deeper lines and creases.  These fillers contain tiny round, smooth particles called microspheres, which are suspended in a liquid or gel material.  The more temporary treatments allow you to enjoy your new youthful appearance for up to 18 months, and more permanent treatments may last five years or even longer.

A dermal injectable treatment usually takes an hour or less.  Dr. Minina makes two or three injections and then massages the area before continuing.  She continues this process until she finishes treating the entire area.  Look in the mirror immediately afterward and you should already see positive results.  You can go back to your normal activities right after the treatment, although you may have some bruising and temporary redness and swelling.  There also may be some short-lasting pain or tenderness.

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