Your cheeks are an important aspect of your appearance. They add attractive contours to your face and give it a full and youthful appearance. As we age, our cheeks will slowly lose their volume and begin to take on a hollowed appearance.

In order to restore the youthful and attractive contours of your face, you will need to address the loss of volume in the cheeks. This can be accomplished by receiving injections of Voluma XC, an injectable gel specifically created to restore lost volume in the mid-face. The smooth gel formula will fill in your cheeks and give them a full and natural-looking appearance.

Voluma XC injections can also be combined with a number of other dermal fillers and products like Botox for more comprehensive facial rejuvenation. If you want to see what Voluma XC can do for you, contact Skin Perfections Medical Spa to schedule an appointment.