Some areas of the body develop stubborn pockets of fat that will not respond to dieting and exercise. These stubborn areas can be incredibly frustrating to deal with, because it’s just a small amount of fat that is ruining your beauty.

Although procedures like liposuction can provide excellent results, there are a lot of people who are not fond of or refuse to undergo surgery. For these patients, we recommend ultrasonic body sculpting.

This non-surgical and pain-free option for body contouring uses ultrasound and radio frequencies to precisely target and eliminate unwanted body fat. The treatment also tightens the skin, which will help to enhance the natural contours of your body and the appeal of your figure.

Contact Skin Perfections Medical Spa to schedule a consultation for your ultrasonic body sculpting. Our commitment to your care and wellbeing is what sets us apart and is essential for providing you with high quality results.

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