A lot of men desire strong and masculine features that give them a distinguished and handsome appearance. A strong and masculine jawline is perhaps one of the most coveted male facial characteristics, but this can be hard to achieve. Even if you have a good jaw shape, excess fat under the chin can give your jaw and chin a bloated appearance.

Kybella offers a solution to your pesky chin fat problem. Kybella melts away the fat under the jaw, which will enhance the definition of your jawline and create a more masculine appearance. Multiple treatments with Kybella can be performed until your ideal jaw shape is achieved. Best off all, Kybella permanently destroys this fat so your results will last for years.

At Skin Perfections Medical Spa, we focus on delivering personalized results that satisfy the unique needs of each of our patients. If Kybella sounds like your ideal solution, contact our office to schedule a consultation.

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